Let's get together.

Let's get together.

Monday, 13 November 2017

We've been working on the railroad.

Well not all of us. Just Richard Pearce, Ron Burnham, Bryan Polson and Peter Goddard who have put together a video about the three railroads that used to run up and down the Saanich Peninsula. Some personal recollections, some historical facts and some things you may not have known plus lots of photos. Although I don't think that any of you were alive when any of these railroads were operating, except for a short spur line running to Borden's Mercantile, I'm reasonably sure that all of you have seen and heard small bits of information about their existence and the role they played in our history. Enid says to be sure to watch for my spelling mistake! (Fixed on the archive version)

Direct link to YouTube          https://youtu.be/Ibg8kpL1K2Y

Link to Oral Histories at our blog    https://royaloakschoolyard.blogspot.ca/p/oral-histories-audiovideo-telling.html

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