Let's get together.

Let's get together.

General Meeting, Coming events and meeting minutes.

July 13, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 1:30.

The minutes of the June meeting were read.

Enid asked if any in attendance knew anything about salmon
fishing in Prospect Lake. This was regarding a query from
Lori James-Derry. It was suggested George Lohr or Susan
Doyle Lawrence may know.

It was reported Art in the Vineyard was fun and successful.

As was the Mt. Newton reunion.

Summer potluck is at Shirley Hunt’s August 26th. More details
to follow.

Shirley had a whatzit to show. No one could identify it.

Thanks to Enid for lemonade and cookies as the regular
refreshment  ladies were away.

Joy (Mahon) Scott spoke of her family and home on Mann
Avenue. She answered many questions afterward. Daryl
was there to film it.

It was mentioned that perhaps summer meetings should not occur.

There were 10 members and 2 guests present.


ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION                    June 8, 2017

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the May meeting were read.

Enid mentioned the Art Sale and Craft Fair to be held at Starling Lane Vineyard.
Proceeds will go the Prospect Lake Community Hall garden.

Diana Ball invited Marge Poulsen Mitchell to our meeting. Marge grew up on 
Falaise Crescent. She spoke to us about the Falaise Crescent Association and her memories 
of her family choosing their lot and building their home. We are hoping someone 
from the Falaise group will come and speak at one of our meetings.

Our summer gathering will be held on August 26th at Maurice and Shirley 
Hunt’s home. Details and directions will follow.

Phillip Winterbottom was our speaker. His parents owned the first hardware 
store in the Royal Oak Shopping Centre.

There were 26 members and one guest present.

May 18, 2017


 The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the April meeting were read.

Enid had a reminder about the Mt. Newton reunion
to be held July 9th at Centennial Park.

Susan Meyerscough from the Saanich Pioneer Society
joined us to see how we do things.

Our speaker was Bob Pederson who owned the Royal
Oak Garden Centre and Florist many years ago.

There were 20 members and 2 guests present

April 13, 2017


 The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the March meeting were read.

Enid has been in touch with Bob Isbister, president
of the Broadmead Area Residents’ Association. He
is a contributor to the BARA Bugle, their community
paper. There is a possibility of speakers from their

Enid suggested that at the May meeting we will
share our memories of Grant Sheldrake.

Some members brought a few ‘what’s its’ to identify.
There was a candle cutter and a conductor’s
acetylene lantern along with a few others.

Audrey Coutts was over from Richmond to be our
speaker. She had many memories of growing up
in Royal Oak.

There were 23 members and two guests present.


The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the February meeting were read.

Before the meeting started a cheque for $ 500.00 was presented
to Ken Bergeron, the vice-principal at Royal Oak Middle School,
to help with their breakfast and lunch programs.

It was decided that at future meetings the refreshments will be
served after the meeting and before the speaker.

Enid gave $ 100.00 from the coffee money to the treasurer for

Vicki Sanders spoke to us about Saanich’s role in the Canada 150
celebrations. There is a Facebook page called ‘Saanich 150’ and
the email address is saanich150@gmail.com for further information
and contact.

Joan Minter Smirl was our speaker. She spoke about her family’s
history and life at Elk Lake. Watch for it on the blog.

There were 32 members and 3 guests.
February 16, 2017

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the January meeting were read.

Bonnie Bacica and Gerry Norie will not be at the March meeting.

Joanne Moller and Barbara Handysides will help Marilyn Smith in
the kitchen.

Yateve Swift’s photos have been given to Daryl Foster for entry on
the blog.

Two meetings have to be moved because the church hall is needed.
The May and September meetings will be held on the third Thursday
of the month.

Peter Goddard brought some tools dating back to the 1800s for us to
look at. They were made of wood except for the blades in the planes.

Richard Pearce informed the group that he, Grant Sheldrake and Peter
Goddard are researching the railways that once ran out the Saanich
Peninsula. They have each chosen one line to speak about at a future

Norrie Spencer has spoken to Ken Bergeron, the vice-principal of Royal
Oak Middle school about our group donating money to the school. Ken
Bergeron said the best place would be the breakfast/lunch program. Gerry
Norie moved and Ann MacDonald seconded that we donate $ 500 to the
school. The motion was carried.

It was suggested that we also show one of the promotional videos at the

Refreshments were served.

As we did not have a speaker for February, Daryl showed us the second
promotional video he has made.

There were 28 members present.

*ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION                    January 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the October, November and December meetings were read.

There was much discussion about using some of our excess money 
for a bursary to a deserving student of history. Other suggestions were – 
to fund the year book, give to a student in need, give to a Claremont 
graduate. Norrie Spencer and Joan Smirl will talk to counsellors at 
Royal Oak and Claremont.

Yateve Swift’s son contacted Enid and says he has his mother’s 
pictures and will give them to our group.

John Whittaker was our speaker. He entertained us with his memories 
of living in Cordova Bay when his parents had the general store. He 
spoke of some of the residents and characters living there.

 We had some interesting ‘what is it’ items brought by members.

There were 30 members present, one guest and our speaker.

Refreshments were served.
ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION                December 15, 2016

The meeting was called to order.

The secretary didn’t have her minute book so will read the November 
minutes at the January meeting.

This was the Christmas ‘party’. The chairs were in a circle and most 
members told stories about things they remembered about Christmases 

There was an abundance of goodies to enjoy. Thanks to everyone who 

There were 18 members present.

ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION                November 10, 2016

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the October meeting were read.

It was mentioned by Enid Bull that the Cordova Bay Over 55 group is 
going to mention our group in their next newsletter.

Enid and Heather went to George Lohr’s home and made a video of his 
stories about life around the Prospect Lake area. George was the 
maintenance man at the old Royal Oak school.

Peter Goddard brought a scrapbook his father started in 1914, 
with articles from the newspapers regarding WW1.

Annual General Meeting

Helen Carr was the only person willing to fill the vacant position on 
the executive. She will replace Harvey Sherman as a director. 
The executive remains the same with Enid Bull as President, Heather 
Smith as Secretary/Treasurer, Joanne Moller and Peter Goddard as 

Jane Hall asked if we offered an honorarium, we might attract more 
speakers. This will be discussed more in the future.

Enid Bull asked what would happen to the bank account if ROHA was 
to fold. And what will happen to all the equipment? This also calls for 
further discussion.

Gerry Norie suggested the possibility of using our money to provide 
bursaries each year to the local schools. We could ask a person from 
Camosun College to come and speak to our group about this.

Our speaker was unable to come to our meeting. Susan Doyle Lawrence 
and Joan Smirl kindly filled in. Susan told us a little more about the 
Oldfield/Doyle connection and Joan told us about her father’s experiences 
in WW1.

There were 29 members present.

There will not be a meeting in December but there will be a Christmas 
party. Everyone is asked to bring a small plate of goodies to share.

Refreshments were served.


ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION                    October 13, 2016

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the September meeting were read.

Shirley Hunt and Norrie Spencer have both been in contact with Sergei 
Gibson. Gibson Studios took the class pictures for many years.

Enid mentioned there were a couple of nice responses to her talk in 
July and would encourage others to do the same for other speakers.

George Lohr has been contacted about speaking about his life. Enid 
Bull and Heather Smith will go to his home to record his story.

November is the Annual General Meeting. Dues will be due.

Enid gave Heather $ 120.00 from the coffee fund to be deposited.

Barbara Handysides was the speaker.

There were 23 members present.

Refreshments were served.


September 8, 2016


 The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the August meeting were read.

Enid mentioned that there was a letter in the Times-Colonist
from Les DeFosses asking for pictures of salmon going up
Colquitz Creek.

Dave Tribe was our speaker.

There were 24 members and 2 guests present.

Refreshments were served.

July 14, 2016             
The meeting was called to order.

Enid mentioned the passing of Joe Lott, a former teacher at 
Mount Newton, Royal Oak Junior/Senior Secondary, Claremont and 
Parkland schools. There will be a service at St. Mary’s church, followed
by a Celebration of Life at the Deep Cove Chalet July 30th.

Enid also reminded us of the gathering at her home on August 20th.

Enid sent a Thank You card and note to Butchart Gardens for the lovely 
afternoon tea enjoyed by 23 members and friends on June 6th.

At this time the minutes of the June meeting were read.

Helen Carr reminded us to send her our memories of growing up in 
Saanich. Helen will be collecting these in a binder.

Our speaker, Art Jones, was unable to join us this month.

This was Shirley Hunt’s last time to provide the snacks. Many thanks 
to Shirley for the delicious goodies she provided. Enid asked for a 
volunteer to do the next three months (September to November).
Barbara Handysides volunteered to do September.

Enid Bull was our surprise speaker. She did a fine job. Watch for her 
video on the blog.
ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION                June 9, 2016

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid Bull and a few others went to the 150th anniversary celebration
at the Royal Oak middle school on May 14th. It was poorly attended.

Twelve members who were born in 1936 went to Butchart Gardens
June 6th for afternoon tea, along with spouses and friends, for a total of
21. It appeared a good time was had by all. Pictures are on the blog.

There will not be a meeting in August. Instead there will be a gathering
at Enid’s on August 20th. You will receive an email with the details closer
to the date.

We were reminded to send brief memories of our time at Royal Oak to
Helen Carr.

Ken Catterall was our speaker for June.

There were 27 members and 2 guests.

Refreshments were served after the meeting.

ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION                         May 12, 2016

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid reminded the group about the open house at Royal Oak middle 
school on Saturday to celebrate 150 years of school in the area.

Gerry Norie has had surgery and is taking a break from preparing 
the refreshments. Bonnie Bacica and Marilyn Smith will be filling in for her.

Enid reported she has been having a bit of trouble finding speakers for each 
month and asked the group if they know of anyone who will be willing to 
peak to us. Please pass these names along to Enid.

Helen Carr suggested each member write a paragraph or two about a 
memory they have of being at the school or living in the area. These will 
be emailed to Helen and she will print them and put them in a binder.

Shirley Hunt said that if anyone would like to learn to lawn bowl, 
lessons are available at the Lakehill Lawn Bowling club.

Enid Bull and Diana Ball are still working at getting copies of school 
pictures from the Sidney Archives.

As we did not have a speaker for May, Daryl and Diana set up the 
projector so we could look at class photos and try to put names to the 
faces. A few names were added.

There were 15 members present.

Refreshments were served after the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 1:34.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid reminded everyone about the free afternoon tea Butchart
Gardens offers to anyone turning 80 in the year. So anyone born
in 1936 can go this year. Enid has asked everyone in our group
 to put their name on the list. Each 80 year old can take a guest.
Peter Goddard will look into this further and a day will be decided
at the May meeting.

Enid also reminded us that the Royal Oak Historical Association
has been meeting for 4 years. We quickly outgrew Crumsby’s
Café at Royal Oak, and then moved to the Sequoia Gardens for
two years. When we decided to meet in the afternoon, we moved
to St. Michael and All Angels Anglican church hall for the April
 2015 meeting.

Heather Smith gave a report on the attendance over the 4 years.
The least we had at a meeting was 10 and the most we have had
is 40. The meetings are now averaging about 30.

Last month the donations for refreshments were up considerably.
Enid had reminded us last month that she felt $2 was a reasonable
amount to put in the jar for a cup of tea or coffee and something
to eat.

Barry Hall was our speaker this month. Barry bought the Sheldrake
home on Beaver Lake Road. He told of his life in the Royal Oak area.

There were 32 members and 3 guests present.

Refreshments were enjoyed after the meeting.

 February 11, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 1:30.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

The Treasurer reported there is $ 2,201.98 in
the Credit Union.

Enid asked if there were any members willing to
 get together help put names to faces on some of
 the class pictures. As usual, no one volunteered.

Our speaker for February was Cairine Green. Cairine
spoke about her father Arthur J. R. Ash. Arthur Ash was,
among other things, reeve of Saanich from 1956 to 1958.

There were 34 members and 3 guests present.

Refreshments were enjoyed after the meeting.


 January 14, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 1:24.

A few members arrived after the meeting had started. They
were actually on time.

The minutes of the November meeting and a report on
the December gathering were read.

Enid Bull announced that a number of the members
will be celebrating their 80th birthdays this year. They
are planning a bit of a celebration so asked all members
who were born in 1936 to please add their names to her list.

Diana Ball reported that she was able to supply Laurie
Wilson’s family with a picture from his early days at 
Royal Oak for his memorial service.

Also, Diana and Enid are planning to get together with
Brad Morrison. Brad has information on the history of
the Saanich peninsula.

Jack Burdge was our speaker for January. The Burdge
 family had a dairy farm on Beckwith Avenue.

There were 39 members and one guest present.


December 2015

A meeting was not held for December.

Instead, it was a casual affair with lots of food, tea, coffee, and 
mulled apple juice.

After a time of eating, drinking and socializing, we formed 
our circle to tell stories.

The theme was Christmas tree hunting. When the stories were 
told, it came out that there was a lot of trespassing involved 
with many of the tree hunts.

It appeared that a good time was had by all.

There were 35 in attendance.

ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION                November 12, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 1:33.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid Bull suggested we make a donation to St. Michael and All Angels church to 
show our appreciation for having the use of the church hall for our meetings. 
Daryl Foster moved we give $ 200.00. Seconded by Harvey Sherman. All were in favour.

Enid brought the article from the Times Colonist about Katharine Maltwood and 
her art collection that is on display at the Legacy Art Gallery until January 9, 2016. 
It was suggested we get a group together to go and see the display.

There was also a write up about Muggins, a small dog that was used during the First 
World War to raise money for the war effort. Gary Cunningham told us of a connection
 to his wife Joan’s family and Muggins.

Morgan Ostler told us a bit about her trip to Britain with her sister Shelagh. On the 
flight home Morgan sat beside two people who were flying to Tofino because their 
relatives had been on the tour boat that capsized.

Enid introduced Jack Burdge. The Burdge family operated the Beckwith Dairy farm. 
We are hoping he will speak to our group.

Enid suggested a group get together to help to put names to the faces in some of the
 class pictures.

Daryl Foster told us about the work the Saanich Archives people are doing to collect
 names and information of people who served during world war one. He suggested 
we have a look at the site and try to fill in some of the information about people we
 may know or do some research and find the information.

As this was our annual general meeting, Enid asked if anyone was willing to run 
for office. The silence was deafening and the show of hands was not to be seen.

Jack Mather moved that the executive remain the same. This was seconded by Richard
 Pearce. All were in favour. The executive is as before: President – Enid Bull, 
Secretary/Treasurer – Heather Smith, Directors - Peter Goddard, Joanne Moller and
 Harvey Sherman.

Joanne (Wootten) Halsall was our speaker. She told us of the history of the Wootten 
family in the Royal Oak area. Joanne also included some history of her mother’s family.

There were 36 members present with 3 guests.

Refreshments were served after the meeting.

 October 8, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 1:38.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid Bull asked for two members to volunteer
to provide the refreshments for the next three months.
Gerry Norie and Joan Smirl agreed to do this.

A memorial service for Tim Hives will be held at First
Memorial service on the 31st of October.

We have received an invitation to join the BC Historical
Federation. This was discussed and the members agreed
we would continue on as we have been.

There will be works by Katharine Maltwood and the Legacy
Art Gallery, 630 Yates Street, from October 8th until
January 9, 2016.

Our next meeting on November 12th will be the annual general
meeting. Enid reported that ALL executive positions are
available, although the secretary/treasurer does not mind
continuing her duties. Dues will be collected at this meeting
for the coming year.

Dorothy Varley was our speaker for October. Dorothy told us
of the history of the Varley family living in the area.

Refreshments were served and there was lots of visiting
and conversation after the meeting.

September 10, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 1:30.

There was not a meeting held in August. Enid hosted a gathering at her home on August 29th
In spite of the iffy weather, there was a good collection of former Royal Oak students. We 
experienced a little bit of rain and a whole lot of wind, but it looked like everyone had a good 

Enid thanked Peter for the talk and tour of the church graveyard in July.

Enid also mentioned that Shirley and Bob Lee celebrated their 60th anniversary.

Our speakers for September were Morgan Ostler, Grace Moreau and Lorraine McCloy. All 
worked at the Colquitz telephone exchange at the corner of Wilkinson Road and Dunsterville
in the early ‘50s.  Watch for this one on the blog!

There were 30 members and 2 guests present.

Refreshments were enjoyed by all.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be October 8th and St. Michael and All Angels Church on West Saanich Road at 1:30.
ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION                July 9, 2015
The meeting was called to order at about 1:35 and the minutes of
the last meeting were read.
Heather Smith reported we have another 6 cents in interest bringing
our total in the Credit Union to $ 1,587.08.
There was no business to discuss.
Peter Goddard read us some history of St. Michael and All Angels’
Church and then we went for a tour of the church where Peter
explained some details of the church's interior and furnishings.
We then walked through the graveyard that is behind the church.
Renee (Heal) Sweeney had pictures of her grandparents (?) and
pointed out their headstones. Most of the people attending the
meeting recognized names on the various headstones. It was a
very hot afternoon.
Everyone went back into the church hall for refreshments.
There were 22 members present.


ROYAL OAK HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION               June 11, 2015

 The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the last meeting were read.

Heather Smith reported that the Association has $ 1,587.02.

Margaret Green and Carol Bleathman volunteered to do the refreshments for July, September and October.

Daryl Foster reported that he has been researching the route of the old pipeline from Beaver Lake. Gary Cunningham said he may have that information on an old map he has at home. The pipeline was in use from 1875 to 1915.

Enid Bull asked if the members were willing to meet in July. The vote was almost unanimous so the next meeting will be July 9th at the St. Michael and All Angels church hall on West Saanich Road.

Shirley (Waters) Hunt was our speaker. Shirley attended Royal Oak Jr. Sr. High school. Her parents owned the first bakery at Royal Oak.
There were 25 members and 3 guests present.  

Refreshments were enjoyed after the meeting was adjourned.


Royal Oak Historical Association  
May 13, 2015
Minutes of the last meeting were read.
Enid mentioned that the Mount Newton reunion is to be held on July 12th this year.
Our speakers were Norm Pimlott and his daughter Colleen Marsel. Colleen read selections from the book she and her father have published about his life, particularly the time spent at Royal Oak.
We purchased the book, “My Way - Norms Ups and Downs on The Sea of Life”, for our library.
There were 22 members and 6 guests.
The meeting was adjourned.
Refreshments were enjoyed after the meeting.


Royal Oak Historical Association

April 9, 2015

This was our first meeting in the church hall at St. Michael and All Angels church on West Saanich Road.

The meeting was called to order shortly after 1 o’clock. The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid mentioned she had sent a card to Dean at Sequoia Gardens thanking him for making the space available to us for two years.

Enid asked if she could have volunteers to organize the refreshments for each meeting. This would be to supply the tea and coffee and a few cookies to be enjoyed after the meeting There being no offers, Richard Pearce said he would take care of this for the next three months.

Enid announced the gathering at her place will be on August 29th this year.

Jean Manness asked if we could be supplied with name tags as this was her first meeting and she needed a little help recognizing people. Heather produced the box of name tags and Jean received hers immediately. The box was passed around so others could find theirs. This box of name tags has been available for a few months and will be placed on a table at each meeting. You can either be responsible for your own name tag or place it in the box at the end of the meeting.

Angus Stewart brought papers with the dates for the 150th anniversary of the Royal Oak school system.  On September 30th there will be an open house at the school from 4 – 7 pm and the official opening ceremony of ‘150 years of Royal Oak school’ from 7 – 8 pm. On May 13th and 14th 2016 will be a two day open house with displays and activities to celebrate 150 years of the schools.

Daryl suggested that now we are meeting in the church hall it might be nice to have memories of St. Michael church for the blog.

Doug Gait was our speaker this month. Watch for his story on the blog.

There were 26 members and 12 guests at the April meeting


 March 19, 2015

Royal Oak Historical Association

 The rough minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid mentioned she had spoken with Grace Chew and Dick Varley.


This meeting marks the 3rd anniversary of our first meeting. For our first year we met in the old school house. We have been two years at SequoiaGardens. Our thanks to Paul.

Richard reviewed out objectives from the beginning:

  1. to collect information and oral histories of individuals,
  2. to establish a website and library,
  3. to meet regularly.
  4. Enid brought up the subject of daytime meetings. Most would prefer afternoon. Peter Goddard, through his years of dedicated service to St. Michael’s church, has permission for us to use their hall on the second Thursday of each month from 1:30 – 3:30. Harvey asked about storing some of the equipment in the hall. Peter will look into it. After an almost unanimous vote, the next meeting will be held in the church hall at 1:30, Thursday April 9th.

Grant Sheldrake was asked to expand on his family stories, many generations back in England. He has indicated there were many unfortunate tragedies.

Diana Ball referred to the re-claimed Royal Oak school photos at the Sidney archives. Brad Morrison is the curator.

Don Spencer has had by-pass surgery and is doing well.

Doug Gait has recovered and is looking well.

We had 5 minutes to stretch and then Don Fish gave his most engaging presentation.  He was done just before 9 pm and the meeting was adjourned.

Everyone thanked Paul for his help with the meeting room and he was encouraged to come with us to St. Michaels and to bring Liz along with him.

28 members and 3 guests attended


Royal Oak Historical Association       

February 12, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:05.

The minutes of the previous meeting were re

Enid reported that the Cordova Bay 55+ group would like access to our blog. They are going to do oral records of the Cordova Bay old time

Enid was in touch with Joanne Pearson. Joanne would like to speak to our group

There will be a meeting regarding the expansion of the McCall’s building on February 18th at 7:15 at Sequoia Gardens.

Sylvia Rose reported that Dick Varley is out of the hospital after an accident.

Angus Stewart reported that he and Ken Bergeron have met with the school board about the celebrations to be held this year for the 150th anniversary of Royal Oak school.  He will keep us informed about this.

There is a Heritage Walk in the Royal Oak area February 18th. We are to meet in the lower parking lot of Fireside Grill at 2 pm and go there after for refreshments.

Grant Sheldrake has been researching his father’s family history in England. He warned us if we were to do this with our families to be prepared for the good and the bad.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 8.

Gary Cunningham gave us a bit of a talk about Daryl Foster. It was Daryl’s 80th birthday. We later had cake and lemonade and lots of visiting.



 January 8, 2015

Royal Oak Historical Association 

The minutes of the previous meeting were read.Enid received another card from Tanya Knight.
Diana Ball reported that the class pictures taken by Gibson’s Photography are now available to us. These pictures are at the Sidney Archives, under the care of Brad Morrison. Diana also reported that Pat Coats was able to recognize some of the students in the old pictures and will visit her and get the names recorded.Richard Pearce would like us to do a video explaining how ROHA got started. This would involve the people on the executive and maybe some of the original members.Norrie Spencer was our guest speaker. He was not able to complete his talk and hopes to do the other part at a later date.There were 22 members and 3 guests present.The meeting adjourned at about 9 o’clock.




Royal Oak Historical Association        

  December 10, 2014

This meeting was different from the normal routine.
 We started with a presentation by Ken Bergeron, vice-principal of Royal Oak Middle School, and Angus Stewart, a teacher at the school.  They had a short presentation about their plans for the 150th anniversary of the Royal Oak school system in 2015.
 We then had our regular meeting.
 The minutes of the previous meeting were read.
 The treasurer presented a financial statement to November 30th showing $3,621.29 in the Credit Union.
 Harvey Sherman and Gary Cunningham presented the bills for the new computer, amplifier, microphone and screen. These items totalled $ 2,422.19.
The group then talked among themselves, took advantage of the tea, coffee and goodies. We settled into a circle and told our stories. Heather made a talking stick to use and it seemed to work very well.
 Diana Ball had a game for us to play with pictures representing various Christmas carols.
 There were 25 members and 2 guests present.
The meeting ended shortly after 9 o’clock

Royal Oak Historical Association
Nov 13,2014.
  The meeting was called to order. The minutes of the last meeting were read. This being our annual general meeting, Enid Bull reminded everyone of the members of the current executive. President                           Enid BullSecretary/Treasurer           Heather Smith
Directors                            Joanne Moller                                             Harvey Sherman                                             Peter Goddard
When asked if anyone else would like to become a member of the executive there was a resounding silence.Jack Mather moved that the executive remain as it stands. This was seconded unanimously by the members.
Harvey Sherman reported on the new equipment purchases. He and Gary Cunningham have purchased a laptop computer, screen, and a speaker system to be used by the executive, including a wireless mike to be passed around by the members. A backdrop has not been purchased but they are still working on that.The December meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 10th. There will not be a speaker at this meeting as we will sit in a circle and have an informal story telling evening. There will be coffee, tea and goodies.
Our speaker, Doug Rose, had forgotten about the meeting so, after a phone call he arrived shortly before 8. Doug told us what life was like as one of the Rose boys and had us laughing. Watch for the video on the blog.Heather (Graham) Davis was a guest at this meeting.
There were 24 members, 1 guest and our speaker present.The meeting adjourned at about 9:30 o’clock

  Royal Oak Historical Association                     October 9, 2014

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid Bull reported on our visit to the Saanich Pioneer Society talk and tea. Our ‘promotional’ video was shown and then questions were asked (and answered). We enjoyed tea and goodies. Enid Bull, Heather Smith, Daryl Foster, and Gary Cunningham represented our group.

Marg Palmer mentioned that Ross Crockford has a talk about the history of Elk/Beaver lakes.

George Sandwith came over from Port Coquitlam to check out our group.

Grant MacDonald entertained us with his stories about growing up in the

Royal Oak area, his move to Vancouver and his time on the police force.

There were 14 members and 11 guests present.
 The meeting adjourned just after 9.

Royal Oak Historical Association                             September 4, 2014
The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid mentioned that she had written Tanya Knight but had not yet heard back.

Enid has also lined up Grant MacDonald and Doug Rose.

As usual, the party at Enid’s on August 23rd was another great success.  There were about 50 people in attendance.  There was a fabulous assortment of food and the stories that were told in the circle should have been recorded!

The Treasurer reported there is $ 3,269.14 in the Credit Union.  We made 7 cents in interest last month.

Arnold Goyette was the speaker for the evening. He spoke of the Cheeseman and Goyette families in the Royal Oak area.

There were 14 members, 14 guests and our speaker present.

Royal Oak Historical Association            July 17, 2014

 The meeting was called to order.
The minutes of the last meeting were read.
Enid reported on the videoing of the stories of Grace Nickel and Pat Coates.  Grace has lived on Burnside Road at McKenzie Avenue for 65 years and her father farmed on Snowdrop Avenue.  Pat Coates is the daughter of Arthur Lock and mother of Dennis Levy and Karen Lindsey.
Enid had been speaking with Alan Goyette and he is willing to speak to our group.
Enid had also had communication from      ?       about Bill the War Horse.  Bill was sent to her father’s farm on Santa Clara.  She (?) wants to find where he was buried.
Margaret Palmer reported that Gibson Studios donated the School District 63 class photo negatives to the Sidney museum.  If we are missing some years we may be able to find them at the museum.
Morgan Ostler, who is heavily into genealogy, suggested we all do our own biographies with as much detail as possible.  Include parents, siblings, in-laws, children, grandchildren, etc.
Gary Cunningham introduced our speaker, Bruce McMorran, who entertained us with his stories of life in Cordova Bay and at Royal Oak school.  We look forward to what magic Daryl will do with this video.
There were 17 members, 6 guests and our speaker present.


Royal Oak Historical Association   12/6/14

The meeting was called to order

The minutes of the last meeting were read

Enid announced there will not be a meeting in August.  Instead there will be a potluck at her home on August 23rd from noon until she chases the last one home.

Gary Cunningham and Harvey Sherman have been looking into the equipment we will be purchasing with the grant money from Saanich.  They would like another executive meeting to discuss the various items.

Paul Taylor reminded us about the Summer Soulstice at the Royal Oak Burial Park on June 21st from 1 to 4.  Dave Obee will be doing a bus tour with stories about some of the people buried in the park.

Daryl Foster told us he has made a very special video.  It will be on the blog very soon.  He asks that we all watch it.  The idea behind this video is to take it to various groups in the area that would be interested.

Don Fish said he will tell us his story later in the year

Norrie Spencer said he will also do a talk later this year

Dennis Levy’s mother, Pat Coates, is accumulating pictures from her family and wants to be interviewed.

Our speaker from last month, Marguerite Gayfer, was at this meeting with her husband.  They both enjoyed themselves and would like to join our group.

Our speaker this month was Ray Travers.  He had some history of the four Travers families that lived in the Royal Oak area.  One of the homes they lived in was on a piece of Pipeline Road which is now Travino Lane, the road down to the middle school.  The house is still there

There were 14 members, 2 guests and our guest speaker present.


 Royal Oak Historical Association

May 8 2014

The meeting was called to order.
The minutes of the last meeting were read.
Peter Goddard read a letter from Saanich regarding our grant application.  We will be receiving $ 2,380.00, the full amount requested.
Enid Bull picked up Fred Moss’s school pictures.  Enid, Daryl Foster and Morgan Ostler looked through the pictures and identified Fred in each one.  These pictures are from the 1920s and 1930s. 
Daryl Foster said Richard Pearce’s video is now on the blog and he will send us the link on Friday.
There are now 24 videos on the blog.  The 24 talks represent about 20 hours of video.  And there have been more than 11,000 hits on the blog.
Marguerite Gayfer was our guest speaker.  She told us about the history of the Royal Oak Women’s Institute Hall.  This hall has now been designated a heritage building.  Quite a few members shared their memories of the hall for dances, wedding receptions, square dancing and brownies.
There were 17 members present, one guest and our guest speaker present.
Dennis Levy was visiting from High River, Alberta.  Dennis’s family were long time residents of the Royal Oak area, living on Quadra Street.  His grandfather, Arthur Locke, farmed in the area. 
There was a lot informal chatter and the meeting gradually disintegrated shortly after 8:30.


Royal Oak Historical Association          April 10, 2014

The meeting was called to order

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Peter Goddard reported on his presentation to Saanich regarding our grant application. 

Enid Bull, Joanne Moller and Carol Wright also went to the meeting to show their support.

Enid mentioned that Ed Gait will be the speaker at the Saanich Pioneer Society on April 13th.

Enid Bull attended Fred Moss’ memorial service.  She spoke with someone there about borrowing his school pictures. 

The Mount Newton school reunion will be held July 6th at Centennial Park from 2 until 8.

Richard Pearce was our speaker this month.  He told us of his life on Little Saanich Mountain while his father was the director of the Observatory. 

There were seventeen members, three spouses and four guests present.  We had three new faces: Liz Elgin, a member of the last grade one class in the old two room school, Robert Pugh visiting from Alberta, and Ken Yip, the son of Mary Chew.  


Royal Oak Historical Association           March 12, 2014

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.
Enid Bull reported there is $ 889.70 in the Credit Union account.
Enid also reported that this is the second anniversary of the first meeting of the Royal Oak Historical Association.
The meeting to discuss the funding applications to Saanich will be held March 18th.  Peter Goddard will represent us and Enid asked that some other members go to the meeting to support Peter.
It was mentioned that Fred Moss, a former student of Royal Oak and a long time orchardist in the community, had died at the age of 91.
Gillian Crowley, a writer for the Seaside Times, was at the meeting.  Gillian did an article about Fred Green’s farm.  She would like anyone with stories or information about other farms in the area to contact her because she would like to write a book about the area farms.
Marg Palmer mentioned the Claremont reunion for the classes of ’64 and ’65 to be held this July.  There are some students they have not located and Marg will pass the list on to Heather Smith for some help in finding them.
John Lucas gave a wonderful presentation on the history of Rithet’s Bog. 
There were about 22 members and guests present.

 Royal Oak Historical Association      February 13, 2014.

The meeting was called to order.
The minutes of the last meeting were read.
Enid mentioned that we have applied for another grant from Saanich. 
This is to purchase additional equipment to be used to enhance the making and presentations of speakers’ videos.
Enid has been contacted by Susan Myerscough of the Saanich Pioneer Society about a few members of all the historical based groups on the peninsula getting together to see if there is some way to promote all the groups.
Enid has also been contacted by Marguerite Gayfer, who is a member of the Women’s’ Institute.  Someone from their organization will be speaking at one of our meetings in April or May.
Our speaker, Ray Travers, had to cancel this evening.
Diana Ball announced the 50 year reunion of the classes of 1964 and 1965 from Claremont Secondary school will be held on July 19, 2014 at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney.  A mention of this will be on our blog in the hopes of finding some
of the graduates.
 We had a sharing of stories by the members.  Gary Cunningham, Jack Mather, Shirley Lee, Daryl Foster, Paul Taylor and Norrie Spencer kept us entertained. 
The cameras were running and the microphones were in the centre of the room so this may appear on our blog. 
 At the end of the meeting we had a birthday cake for Daryl Foster and Shirley Lee, whose birthdays are just days apart.  Daryl and Shirley were the only two in their graduating class who had gone to school together from grade one.   

Royal Oak Historical Association        January 16, 2014 
The meeting was called to order. 
The minutes of the last meeting were read.
Enid announced that John Thomas Lucas will be the speaker at the March meeting.  This will on Wednesday march 12th.
Enid received an email from Colin Plant, vice-president of the Royal Oak Community Association regarding the Royal Oak Neighbours (RON) group.  He would like one of our members to speak at one of their meetings about the history of Royal Oak.  Shelagh John suggested contacting Morgan Ostler about doing this.  Enid will look into this further.
 Shelagh John said Morgan had suggested we all do our own autobiographies.
Harvey Sherman suggested we look into getting equipment to add to the speakers’ presentations.  This would include at projector, screen and laptop.  We will apply for a matching grant from Saanich for this.
Diana Ball mentioned that her Claremont graduating class is having their 50th reunion this year.  When she knows the dates something will be posted on our blog to help find previous students.
Norrie Spencer has contacted Royal Oak school about old class lists.  He reported that a lot of the old records were destroyed when it became a middle school.
Daryl Foster will write up something for the weekly papers to promote our group.  Enid Bull and Heather Smith will take this to them.
Joanne Moller reminded everyone about the library.  We have a few books members may borrow.
Vicky Sanders was our guest speaker.  She presented an interesting history of the Saanich Municipal Hall.
There were 16 members, one guest and our speaker present.
The meeting was adjourned.

Royal Oak Historical Association      November 14, 2013

The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

This was our first annual general meeting.  Enid announced that Richard Pearce was stepping down as a director so we needed someone to replace him.  Daryl Foster nominated Harvey Sherman.  There being no other nominations or volunteers, it was a unanimous vote for Harvey.

There was then a discussion about getting more people out to meetings.  Enid suggested that maybe it is time to get something in the weekly municipal papers.  Maybe putting a class picture in these papers with the caption – ‘do you know these people’?

Diana Ball also suggested putting something in the Coffee News that is in many restaurants in the area.  Diana will take care of that.

Richard Pearce had suggested to Enid Bull that we might have a tea party (or something similar) in the spring to promote our group.  

There is a link to our blog on the Royal Oak Community Association website.

Daryl suggested contacting the Royal Oak Middle school to get them involved in some way.  Maybe get feedback from students.  Norrie Spencer will contact the school about this.

Vicki Sanders suggested we contact the Saanich Archives about class lists from the school.  They may have them.

We also discussed getting more videos from the older people who have knowledge of Royal Oak before it is too late.  These interviews/videos can be done in their homes if necessary.

The Treasurer read the financial report.  To date we have income of $ 2,870.00, expenses of $ 2,549.59, leaving $ 320.41 in the bank.

The account is in the Royal Bank and they are charging us $ 5.75 each month so we would like to move the account to Coast Capital Credit Union in the Broadmead shopping centre.  Jack Mather moved and Peter Goddard seconded that we move the account to the credit union.

Carol Bleathman Wright was our speaker this evening.  She gave a short history of the Bleathman family coming from England and of the construction and operation of Bleathman’s garage at the corner of West Saanich and East Saanich Roads, now Viewmont AvenueCarol also had letters, pictures and the original lease her father signed with the oil company.

The December meeting will be held on the 12th at Sequoia Gardens at 7 pm.  This will be an informal meeting.  Gary Cunningham suggested we each bring a short story to tell.  Refreshments will be served.

There were 11 members and one guest present.

The meeting was adjourned.


Royal Oak Historical Association
Meeting Oct. 17, 2013         Next meeting Nov. 14, 2013
The meeting was called to order.
The minutes of the last meeting were read.
Enid apologized for not calling Carol and Peter about the change of date for the October meeting.
Enid went on the Saanich Heritage tour on September 15th.  They toured parts of the Wilkinson Road jail and visited David Cubberley’s home.
Enid thanked Renee and Warren for replacing the glass on the table that was broken at the September meeting.  (They were not present.)
Dues for the coming year will be due starting in November.
Also, the November meeting will the annual general meeting.  We will be holding an election for the executive. 
We need to report to Saanich by December 31st to let them know what we did with the grant  money.
Peter Goddard mentioned that St. Michael’s and All Angels church has celebrated its 130thanniversary.
Morgan Ostler suggested we contact students at Camosun College or the University of Victoria about gathering all our information into one place.
There will be a talk about 150 years of architecture in Oak Bay at Windsor Park in November.  This talk is free.
Daryl Foster reported that we have had more than 9,500 visitors to the blog.
It was suggested the meeting dates be put on the blog each month. 
It was discussed and agreed that we must make an effort to get the stories from older Royal  Oak/Saanich residents.  These can be done in their homes.
The Saanich Archives will soon have the 1911 and 1921 censuses digitalized.
Jack Mather was in Nebraska.  This included a visit to a car museum where he saw a car that was built by Grant King of Saanich, and it was mentioned that dick Varley was the driver.
The speaker for this meeting was Susan Doyle Lawrence.  Susan spoke on the history of the Oldfield family.  This will be on the blog.
There were 14 members and 4 guests at the meeting.
The meeting adjourned shortly after 9.
Royal Oak Historical Association meeting              July 18, 2013

The meeting was called to order.

 The minutes of the last meeting were read.

Enid reported on her visit to the Royal Oak Burial Park in June.  This was an open house at the Park with various activities.July 20th is the 80th anniversary of the Saanich Pioneer society at Polo Park.

Enid again asked for ideas for speakers.
Diana Ball had the posters, membership and business cards done.  The posters and business cards were distributed to members.

Lew Burden was our speaker.

There will not be a meeting in August, instead there will be a pot luck gathering at Enid Bull’s on Bear Hill Road.

There were 12 members and 6 guests present.

The meeting seemed to dissolve shortly before 9.


 Royal Oak Historical Association meeting              June 13,2013.

The meeting was called to order.Enid Bull reported on her visit to the Brentwood School reunion.  On display were old class registers.  Enid contacted Royal Oak school to see if they any class registers or other records we may be interested in.

Enid had also attended her granddaughter’s birthday party at the ‘OldTown’ owned by Larry Matte.  This is on the old Burnham property (Ron Burnham was our speaker in December) on Charlton Road.  It was suggested we may like to go as a group to see the old town.

There will be a gathering at Enid’s on August 24th instead of a meeting.

Enid asked for help finding speakers for the coming months.

Daryl Foster thanked Gary Cunningham and Harvey Sherman for getting the new cameras, lights and tripods.  It was all purchased at London Drugs in Tillicum mall.

Daryl is still looking for someone to house his backup computer.

Jack Mather moved we reimburse Harvey Sherman for the purchase of the new equipment.  Diana Ball seconded the motion.  All were in favour.

The July meeting will be held July 18th (the third Thursday of the month) because Harvey, Paul and Finn will all be away.

Phyllis Fatt was our speaker.  Phyllis had stories and pictures of the Rogers family.

There were 17 members, 4 guests and our speaker present. 

Two new members were signed up!  This brings our membership to 27.

Meeting adjourned.


 Royal Oak Historical Association Meeting           May 9, 2013.

 The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the April meeting were read.

Peter Goddard read the letter from Saanich regarding the grant.  Peter had represented the Association at a council meeting in applying for the matching funds grant.  We will receive $ 1,500.00.  This money is to be used to purchase video cameras and lighting.

Dave Obee was our speaker.  He presented a very interesting history of the Royal Oak Burial Park complete with a slide show.  After the meeting everyone present was given a copy of Dave Obee’s book ‘Royal Oak Burial Park – A History and Guide’.

Lighting equipment was rented for the evening.  With a little adjustment this set-up should work when recording the guest speakers.

There were 8 members and 9 guests present.

 The meeting was adjourned at about 8:45.


Royal Oak Historical Association Meeting           April  11, 2013.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 after a slight kerfuffle getting the cameras set up.

The minutes of the March meeting were read.

It was suggested we send Rick Geric and Keith Elwood thank you letters for making the old school house available for our meetings for the past year.

Enid Bull reported the school board will make class lists available to us.  These may help us fill in some of the blanks on the class photos on the blog.

Peter Goddard reported on his presentation to Saanich regarding our grant application.  We wrote a letter to Saanich explaining why we don’t use the camera and recorder from the Saanich Archives.

Shelagh John told us of the new boardwalk in Crofton.

Marg Palmer said there will be a presentation on the history of Uplands Park at Windsor Park on Tuesday, April 16 at 7 o’clock.

Diana Ball will be finishing the posters now that we are meeting at the Sequoia Gardens.  She will also be working on the cards.

Norma Seeley spoke about the Carmichael and Quick families and her time at Royal Oak.

There were 17 members and 4 guests present.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45


  Royal Oak Historical Association Meeting           March 14, 2013

  The minutes of the February 14th meeting were read.
  Enid Bull reported that Peter Goddard will do the presentation to Saanich regarding our funding application.
  Shelagh John has asked Gay Oldfield if she would like to give us a talk.
  Joanne Moller and Harvey Sherman reported that they had been to Sequoia Gardens to look at the room that is available for our meetings.  The room is carpeted, has a small kitchen, and the parking is good.  No rent will be charged for the use of the room.
  Harvey also had some books that had been donated to us by his friend Bob Huddleston.  These are books his father had from the BC Teachers’ Federation.   Fred Green entertained us with stories of his family’s life on the farm when he was young.  Watch for this on the blog.
There were 17 members present and 12 guests.  This is another reason for a larger facility for the meetings.  We have outgrown the little school house.   It was decided the next meeting on April 11th will be held at Sequoia Gardens.
The meeting adjourned at 9pm.


  Royal Oak Historical Association Meeting.     February 14, 2013

The minutes of the January 10th meeting were read.
Enid Bull reported on her efforts to find speakers for our meetings. She has a few lined up and Norma Sealy will be the April speaker.
Harvey Sherman has friend, Bob Huddleston, whose father taught in the district in the late 1930s. Bob has lots of ‘stuff’ relating to his father’s teaching and is willing to share it with our group.
We are still doing research to find a place to meet during the day. Harvey mentioned that McCall’s beside the Royal Oak burial park has a room that may be available. He will look into this.

The Treasurer read our financial statement: memberships $440, donations $600, expenses $161.50 leaving cash in bank and on hand $878.50. Our membership now stands at 22 members

Diana Ball had a rough draft of the poster that is to be placed in libraries, grocery stores, etc to let the public know about our association. Diana is also working on a membership card and association cards.

Carol Wright has pictures of the Bleathman’s garage and details of the expenses for the construction. It is hoped Carol be one of our monthly speakers and share the story of her grandfather and father’s garage.

Jack Mather is our speaker for February.

There were 15 members and 4 guests at the meeting.

The next meeting will be held March 14th at Crumsby’s at Royal Oak.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00.

Royal Oak Historical Association Meeting.     January 10, 2013

The minutes of the December 10th meeting were read.
Enid Bull introduced our visitors – Don Fish, Dorothy Varley, Ellen Willems, Carol Wright, and our speaker Elsie Laird.
Enid reported on the progress on finding funding. Richard Pearce will continue to pursue this.
Royal Oak Middle school loaned some school annuals. Daryl Foster will be adding these to the blog.

 A discussion was held about finding a venue to hold our meetings in the afternoon where there will be a little more room and the acoustics will be better for recording the videos. Joanne Moller will be looking at a few places that have been suggested.

 The Treasurer read our financial statement: memberships $400, donations $450, expenses $161.50 leaving cash in bank and on hand $ 688.50. Our membership now stands at 20 members

 Elsie Laird entertained us with some of her recollections of her life in Royal Oak when she was attending the school. Her story will be on the blog once Daryl has done his magic with it.

 Daryl Foster moved and Gary Cunningham seconded that we keep the registration of founding members open until the February meeting.

 There were 10 members in attendance with 5 guests. Three of these guests joined the Association at the end of the meeting.

 The next meeting will be February 14, 2013.

 The meeting adjourned at 9:00.

 (We were late getting into the meeting because there was nobody there to open.)

Royal Oak Historical Association December 13, 2012

The minutes of the November meeting were read.

Daryl Foster moved and Peter Goddard seconded, that the directors be accepted as follows:

Enid Bull – President

Heather Smith – Secretary/Treasurer

Richard Pearce

Peter Goddard

Joanne Moller

Gary Cunningham moved and Jack Mather seconded that the membership dues for founding members will be $ 20.00.

Daryl Foster moved and Jack Mather seconded that the meetings of the Royal Oak Historical Association will be held on the second Thursday of each month at Crumsby’s unless otherwise notified.

The bank account has been opened and the necessary signing has been done. There will be two signatures required on the cheques. The directors with signing authority are Enid Bull, Heather Smith and Joanne Moller.

Enid reported on the Prospect Lake Historical group going to Prospect Lake school wearing old costumes, taking old pictures and articles with them and teaching the children about the ‘olden days’.

Joanne mentioned friends of her daughter had an office in The Thatch after the university moved the art collection out. They experienced strange happenings and may agree to tell us about their time there.

Two cards were passed around for signature to be given to Keith ‘Mr. Cupcake’ Elwood and Geric Construction to wish them a Merry Christmas and thanking them for making the space available for our meetings.

Ron Burnham was our guest speaker.

There were 15 present plus one guest. Gary Cunningham finally let his wife Joan attend a meeting!

The next meeting is January 13, 2013.

The meeting adjourned at 9 pm.


Royal Oak Historical Association                             November 8, 2012.
 General Meeting.
The minutes of the October meeting were read.
The Association is now officially incorporated.
Enid Bull has kindly agreed to be President.
Heather Smith has agreed to be Secretary/Treasurer.
The directors are Joanne Moller, Richard Pearce, and Peter Goddard.
Richard Pearce reported on his activities since the last meeting regarding the incorporation of the Association:
  • The official name is Royal Oak Historical Association. 
  • The incorporation date is November 7, 2012.
  • He handed out copies of the papers he took to the BC Registry Services office. The official completed papers will be mailed to Enid by the Registry office.
  • The papers include pages from the Society Act setting out the purposes of a society, bylaws and schedules from the society act to assist us in setting bylaws for our association.
  • A list of possible funding sources
Richard also suggested we have discussions regarding the purposes, initiatives and needs of the Association, what we need funds for, and identify key resource people, the roles of the directors, confirm the roles of the functional executive and schedule the meetings and agenda for 2013.
Our guest speaker was not arriving until 8 pm so various people entertained us with their stories of the Maltwoods.
It was decided we would have a membership fee of $ 20 for start up.  Twelve members joined.  Enid will send out an email to everyone on her email list informing them of the dues and will invite them to join. 
Katherine Whitworth gave a short talk on Katharine Maltwood.  Morgan Ostler, Grant Sheldrake and Harvey Sherman also joined Katherine Whitworth ‘on camera’ and told stories of their memories of the Maltwoods.
There were 15 people present.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Royal Oak Historical Association    October 23, 2012. 
Directors Meeting.
Present:  Enid Bull, Richard Pearce, Peter Goddard, Joanne Moller and Heather Smith.
The Society Act application forms were signed.  Richard will deliver these to the office tomorrow morning.
Richard will look into possible grants.
The charging of dues was discussed.  Or would donations be more preferable?
Is it possible to have a calendar of events added to the blog? 
Katherine Whitworth will be our speaker for the November meeting.  She will tell us some of Mrs. Maltwood’s story.
Heather is to ask Trudy Ammann if she is willing to speak about her parents’ arrival to Royal Oak and the building of the Chez Ernest restaurant.
Sending thank you cards was discussed.


  1. When is the meeting in Oct scheduled?

  2. Thursday Oct 9th is the planned date for the next meeting.

  3. Hi, my name is Angie (Stothers) Tyrrell. I am the great Neice of Renee (Heal) Sweeney. I think I'm her great Neice anyway. I am her sister Joyce Stothers granddaughter. I am wondering if anyone has her email address as I have some questions if like to ask her.
    This might sound weird, but I have a 2 year old daughter. We go to Crumbsys at the old royal oak school often and she says really cool things to me when we go there. One time as we were driving there, she said "are we almost at my old school house yet mommy?" (She only knows of it as a coffee shop. I've never mentioned that it used to be a school). Then I said "how did you know that the coffee shop used to be a school?" And she said "from my old life. There was a mean guy there who's legs aren't working anymore"...I thought this was so cool because I was pretty sure that my grandma and her sister went to that school so I started googling about it and found this page. We were at the coffee shop again last week and she said "there used to be a piano in here". She also mentions a tree house and some kitty's from her old life. Yes. Sounds weird but I'm curious to know if any of this sounds familiar to my Aunt Renee

    1. Hi Angie, Fascinating story. I went to school with Renee and will let her know about this message. I cannot give you her email address of course but if you care to post yours here I will see that she gets it for sure. Daryl.

  4. Hey thanks. Great idea. It's angie127@hotmail.com

    1. Angie, I have forwarded your email address to Renee. They travel quite a bit so if you do not hear from her remind me and I will try again in 3-4 weeks. Daryl.

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