Let's get together.

Let's get together.

Class photos of other Saanich Schools. Claremont, Cordova Bay, Prospect Lake, North Saanich, Keating, Mt. View, Quadra, Strawberry Vale & Tillicum Schools & Sunday Schools.

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                          Claremont School

                                 Cordova Bay School

Cloverdale School

Keating School

                               Mt. View High School.


North Saanich High School

Prospect Lake School

                                        Quadra School

                                    Strawberry Vale School


Tillicum School

Sunday Schools


  1. Keating School Gr. 4, 1945-46. I attended Keating at that time and am not in the picture so I think the dates are incorrect. I have all my school class pictures over the years except Keating where I was for Gr. 3 and until Christmas in Gr. 4, so I wonder if class pictures were taken during those years.

  2. I don't know for certain as I depend mostly on people who went to the school for information. I see it says Grade 4???
    If you were only there till Christmas the photo could be taken in the spring. Do you know anyone in the photo to get more input from? Let me know if you learn more. You may be correct. Daryl.

  3. I don't know anyone, but have two thoughts - 1. the children look to young to be Gr. 4 and 2. class pictures are usually taken early in the fall. Also, since I have no picture from Gr. 3 at Keating, it is possible pictures were not taken. Anyway, just my input.

    1. Unfortunately some of the information will never be known for sure. I will say that most of the dates on photos are spring dates. Where possible these have been verified by referring to school annuals but there are none for the older photos or usually the lower grades. The other big complication is that many photos have more than one grade and so many slates give a Division but not a grade. Hope that you will keep looking and maybe come up with some more information. The Saanich Pioneer Society has a lot of information about the northern part of the peninsula. We have not yet cross checked their photos with ours and I do not know if they even have any class photos. Thanks for the input. Cheers. Daryl.

  4. My mother Maria (nee) Van Egmond emigrated with her family from Holland to Victoria in November 1948 and then attended Keating School with her younger brother Bill. Here is an excerpt from my Mom's family history "Bill and I had to go to school. That was a very scary experience not speaking a word of English. We had to walk about 2 miles on the long Martindale Road. Sometimes we got lucky and hitched a ride with the neighbours (1948 Chevy). It was close to Christmas when we first went to Keating School which was situated on top of a knoll/hill along the highway. It was a 2-room school. Bill was in grade 1 and had Mrs. Sinclair and I was in grade 3 and my teacher was Mrs. McCormick. Everyone was so friendly. We were a novelty! The only Dutch kids in the school. We didn't know a word of English. Scary! We soon had friends who taught us how to say Christmas Tree (one of the first words we learned). Cathy walked part of the way home with us and then waved us with "bye bye William! bye bye Maria!" There were some fun things I remember. I was invited to come with Cathy to see a show. I told my mom. Mom asked "what is a show?" Oh, I don't know! Well I went and saw "Little Women" and "The Boy with the Green Hair". Never saw a show in my life before. Another time I was invited to a birthday party of twin friends. 10 year olds Gloria & Judy Baker. They were filthy rich, lived in a mansion and a beautiful large property. The girls each got a pony as their gift. The party was something else! Never seen anything like it! In the evening they had fireworks. There were 20 kids at that party!...My dad insisted we find a church. It was close to Christmas. So we went to United Church. halfway through the service the back doors flew open and Santa came running in with his big bag of toys with his "Ho Ho Ho". You should have seen Oma's face! The people were very friendly, although we couldn't understand a word they were saying (except for my dad). We met a family there by the name of Brown, who invited us for Christmas Dinner which was a real treat. We didn't have to spend it with the Speks. We were there yet at Christmas 1949. I was even chosen for the role of Mary in the Christmas pageant at school. My little boyfriend was Joseph. His real name was Joseph." (Tony Oostenbrink - cpfi@shaw.ca, 780-439-8535)