Let's get together.

Let's get together.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Mrs. Gertrude (Campbell) Wilson

Our most recent Oral History video is a bit of a departure.

In April a very nice lady by the name of Beverley Earl gave me some class photos from Royal Oak and Mt. View High School along with video clips of the photo's owner, Mrs. Gertrude (Campbell) Wilson naming some of the students in the photos. Most of these photos were new to us and from a period that was so far, poorly documented.

Wishing to learn more Beverley kindly arranged for a second visit to Mrs. Wilson at her home to see if we might learn about the Campbell family and perhaps identify a few more of the students in the photos. Our hard working secretary Heather Smith took the cameras and videoed the interview.

At 92 years of age Mrs. Wilson's memory is impressive. I think that you will enjoy hearing her talk about growing up with her twin sister Gladys and six older siblings at the caretakers house by the Beaver Lake reservoir.

You may see the video via this link    https://youtu.be/qVePAAaucWo
which as usual is also on the Oral History page.