Let's get together.

Let's get together.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Gary Cunningham speaks again.

Gary picks up where he left off in Part 1 of his Oral History video.  I think that you will enjoy watching and find it entertaining. The direct link to Youtube is     https://youtu.be/-sILOrZuRSs            or you can view it via the link on our blog oral history page. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

November's Oral History

Heather Davies packed a lot of information into into a quick presentation at our November meeting.
I hope that you will watch and enjoy and listen for names, places and events that you recognize.

This is the direct link to the video on YouTube and as always the link is also on the oral history page of the Royal Oak School Yard Blog.      https://youtu.be/qeTj9B0ruD0

Friday, 5 October 2018

Double feature

Nights are getting longer so it is probably a good time to settle down to a great double feature. We have oral history videos by Millie Jacobs at  https://youtu.be/pD7NHLPor2U
and by Diana Ball     at    https://youtu.be/UVUtrnhjuBk

As always, both are interesting to watch and bring their own slant to growing up in and around Royal Oak.

Millie, who was 98 years old when she recorded her video died shortly after.  We offer our sympathies to her family.    

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Marson and Quayle to Moore

Quayle and Marson are two names that most people who lived in or around Royal Oak will know..
In this video Dianne (Quayle) Moore, the daughter of Alf and Loraine (Marson) Quayle talks about her family and her time growing up in Royal Oak. Their home was the first house past the Thatch/Maltwoods. Trivia question?  Did any of our speakers live closer to the center of Royal Oak, the corner of East and West Saanich Roads than Dianne? I can think of one family that lived closer and one that would probably be in a tie but they have not yet been speakers.

The link to Dianne's very interesting and entertaining talk is on the oral history page of our Blog, and the direct link to YouTube is below.


We have had more than 48,500 visits to our Blog. Must be some interesting things there. Have you visited lately?

Sunday, 10 June 2018

New oral history videos

I got a bit behind so you are getting three new oral history videos at once.

From March....
#55 Telling stories after school
Audio/video by Keith Cameron

From April....
#56 Telling stories after school
Audio/video by Sharlie Chatterton

From May.....
#57 Telling stories after school
Audio/video by M. A. C. (Marion) Farrant

These are the direct links to You Tube.  You will also find the links on the Oral History page of this blog.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Have you seen this house?

One of the highlights of David Squance's January talk was about the time the family owned Norfolk Lodge, a home that I am sure most of you have seen many times, but perhaps did not know it by that name. If you were not there to hear the original presentation I hope that you will have a look.  Another great addition to our growing collection of oral history videos connected to the greater Royal Oak area.

We all, I think,  sometimes sit around with friends and family and talk about the good old days. I would sure like to be around 50 or a hundred years from now to watch these videos again and reflect on those good old days.

You will find it at this link and of course it is posted on our blog.  https://youtu.be/hZlFSb8BfRw     

Thursday, 4 January 2018

November talk.

Novembers talk was by Frank Copley of Copley Brothers. I would think that most would remember the name even if they did not know the family. Frank gave an entertaining talk and you may watch the video at  https://youtu.be/EKVSQDyzdUQ  on You Tube or from the oral history pages on our blog at  https://royaloakschoolyard.blogspot.ca/
We have been given some photos of Mrs. Hobbs art classes that so many of us went to. You can view them at   https://royaloakschoolyard.blogspot.ca/p/photos-students-teachers-from-royal-oak.html

Maybe you can identify some of the students. I certainly could not.

Wishing you the best for the New Year.

Monday, 13 November 2017

We've been working on the railroad.

Well not all of us. Just Richard Pearce, Ron Burnham, Bryan Polson and Peter Goddard who have put together a video about the three railroads that used to run up and down the Saanich Peninsula. Some personal recollections, some historical facts and some things you may not have known plus lots of photos. Although I don't think that any of you were alive when any of these railroads were operating, except for a short spur line running to Borden's Mercantile, I'm reasonably sure that all of you have seen and heard small bits of information about their existence and the role they played in our history. Enid says to be sure to watch for my spelling mistake! (Fixed on the archive version)

Direct link to YouTube          https://youtu.be/Ibg8kpL1K2Y

Link to Oral Histories at our blog    https://royaloakschoolyard.blogspot.ca/p/oral-histories-audiovideo-telling.html

Monday, 9 October 2017

This is great

Joy Scott, formerly Joy Mahon from Mann Avenue tells some interesting stories about her life including what it is like to be a prisoner of war by the Japanese in Shanghai during WW11.  This is one you will want to watch.  Direct link to You Tube  is     https://youtu.be/LiHx8h9NDk0