Let's get together.

Let's get together.

Class photos from the "Old" Royal Oak 1 room School built in 1885 and the 2 room addition built in 1922.

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18-- to 1930












  1. It is a good thing that Enid Bull (Cuthbert) and Shirley Lee (Robinson) are able to remember so many of the names. I could not.

  2. First picture on this page, back row, third from right is George Reed (son of Herb Reed the bus driver mentioned in one of the write ups)

    1. Thank you Donna. Every new name helps and I have to ask what your connection is that you are able to identify this student? Bert Reed /Reid sp was my parents age and when I was in school at Royal Oak and so was their daughter Ellen who still lives in the area and comes to some of our gatherings but I don't know if there is a connection to the family you mention. Having a memory like a sieve I don't remember a write up mentioning "Herb Reed the bus driver." Can you give me a bit more information. Thanks Daryl.

  3. First 'George Reed' photo - George Reed back row next to teacher (left side), 1925 Div 3 - George Reed 2nd from left, back row,1928 Div 2 - George Reed 3rd from left back row, 1930 Div 2 - George Reed 6th from left back row, 1931 Div 2 - George Reed back row, first on left

  4. OROS-25-26 Div 3
    - Back row 5: Bert Wootten
    - Second row 4: Ruby Wootten

    OROS-26-27 Div 2
    - Second row 5: unknown
    - Front row 2: Ruby Wootten