Let's get together.

Let's get together.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

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I have just added Dave Tribe’s September oral history video about his days growing up in Royal Oak to our website. This is another great addition to our archive of personal recollections about all the mostly good times spent in Royal Oak and the people and places in the area. The direct link is https://youtu.be/v-UBzS6DSCo      You will also find the link on the blogsite’s oral history page.

Dave’s humorous and personal talk joins those given by Morgan (Scott) Ostler, Grant Sheldrake, Peter Goddard, Lisle (Layritz) Jakeman, Gary Cunningham, Peter Thomas, Katherine Whitworth, Ron Burnham, Elsie (Dudman) Laird, Jack Mather, Fred Green, Norma (Carmichael) Sealy, Phyllis (Rodgers) Fatt, Lewis Burden, Paul Taylor, Susan Doyle-Lawrence, Daryl Foster, Carol (Bleathman) Wright, Vicky Sanders, John Lucas, Richard Pearce, Marguerite Gayfer, Ray Travers, Grace (Sinclair) Nickels, Bruce McMorran, Arnold Goyatte, Lorraine (Hilton) McCloy, Grant MacDonald, Doug Rose, Don Fish, Norm Pimlott with Colleen Pimlott-Marsel, Shirley (Waters) Hunt, Doug Gait, the ladies of the Colquitz Telephone Exchange, Dorothy (Ochs) Varley, Joann (Wootten) Halsall, Jack Burdge, Cairine (Ash) Green, Pat (Lock) Coates, Barry Hall, Bud French, Gertie (Campbell) Wilson and Enid (Cuthbert) Bull. 

And by the way, if you are looking for some new recipes go to  http://royaloakschoolyard.blogspot.ca/p/publications-books-and-links-etc-etc.html       and have a look at a Royal Oak Elementary School cookbook from 1965 that was a gift to Barbara Handysides from her brother when he was in Grade 5.

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