Let's get together.

Let's get together.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

We have some new and entertaining posts on your blog........

First is Mrs. Reed’s notebook. This little book from 1927 appears to have belonged to Mrs. H. H. Reed and was loaned to us by the WI. It was quite hard to read so Heather has transcribed it. Be sure to read the entry on how to drive the car. You can read it via this link.....

Next is an audio/video conversation with Lorraine (Hilton) McCloy. This chat came about because she was identified as being in a class photo and she kindly came over to have a look. With her permission the camera ran as we chatted so I would not have to take notes. I’m glad we did this as it shows you don’t have to “be on camera”  to do an oral history video. You can see the result at.......

These news clips and more were also borrowed from the Royal Oak Women’s Institute. Well worth a read if for no other reason than noting all the family names mentioned. You or a family member are probably in there somewhere.

A letter from Tanya Knight. This is great. Like many of the students that we went to school with Tanya moved away from Cordova Bay many years ago so this will bring you up to date on her life.

Halliburton School has been mentioned by a couple of speakers and now we have some of the unusual facts as presented in their brochure. Could be quite a shock if you signed up in London and woke up in a tent with bees and chickens.



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