Let's get together.

Let's get together.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

An Important Day.

Today the first post was up loaded to our Page, "Those were the days...in writing from the kids who went to Royal Oak School."

Written by Renee (Heal) Sweeney, "The History Of a Pioneer Family" is about the Heals of Royal Oak from the 1850's to the 1960's.
It is an interesting blend of historical fact and personal recollections.
Renee hopes that readers who remember personal details relating to this post will add their comments.
The Heal property that is now the Normandy Road subdivision was one of my primary playgrounds as our property on Pipeline Road was adjacent. And I cannot imagine anyone forgetting Renee's braids.
I hope more of you will take some time to write a bit be it a single paragraph or more for this page. Personal remembrances in writing, photos or oral history videos are (to me) what the ROSY Blog is mainly about.
Now, move your mouse pointer to the right and click on the page title "Those were the days" and enjoy Renee's story.
I'll allow you a few days to complete your written assignments.

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